3DR Solo Review

3DR Solo Review

3DR Solo Review


I had a tremendously pleasant experience test flying this quad for my 3DR Solo review the past couple of days. Many drones are currently used to capture high-quality images and videos that are either used for photography or surveillance purposes. This is because the drones can be flown at certain distances from the ground and designed to stay in the air for a particular period. Therefore, they can conveniently shoot photos and videos at angles that ordinary photographers cannot.

But because the changing wind conditions and the level of visibility from above usually affect the drone’s performance in getting images, potential buyers are advised to select a particular model which is designed to handle such situations. Although there are a lot of drones sold on the market that are capable of providing optimal performance, buyers are still cautioned to select carefully and stick to the most reliable models such as the 3DR Solo.

The 3DR Solo is a popular and one of the first models of quadcopters used to capture aerial images and videos. The drone comes with a long list of advanced features that allows it to provide the user with uncompromised performance during flights.

3DR Solo Review

The 3D Solo is powered by a pair of 1 GHz computers that allow it to capture smooth, clear and HD images from above. It is also fitted with state of the art technology that enables it to offer wireless streaming of videos from the camera directly to the user’s mobile devices even at a range of half a mile.

In addition to that, the drone 3DR Solo hosts a lot of built-in safety and support features like the push-button flight that makes launching from the ground more convenient and enables it to remain in the air despite challenging conditions. The drone is made of reliable materials and was carefully designed to withstand the challenges posed by varying flight conditions.

One of the biggest advantages of the Solo is that the motor pods can be detached, and 3DR have done this intentionally for the purpose of releasing more powerful motors at some point in the future, which will end up being much more cost efficient for owners of the Solo, as opposed to buying an entirely new model.


  • Made of durable and state-of-the-art materials
  • Can capture smooth, clear and high-definition images from the air
  • Easy to operate and taken on the go
  • Comes with its own iOS and Android-compatible app3DR Solo Review
  • Provides seamless video streaming from the air directly to mobile devices
  • Highly customizable
  • Can be fitted with popular camera brands
  • Features a lot of safety and support features
  • Designed to fly even in challenging weather conditions


  • Gimbal not included
  • Not sold with a warranty



  • Comes with dimensions of 16.4×16.5×9.2 inches and weighs about 10 pounds
  • Powered by 2 x 1 GHz computers that offer smoother aerial shots
  • Has built-in support and safety features
  • Can provide wireless video streaming from the air directly to mobile devices
  • Can send and receive valuable information from a maximum distance of half a mile
  • Sold with a revolutionary game style controller
  • Comes with the push-button flight
  • Can be controlled using an app which is compatible with iOS and Android systems
  • Comes with a reliable battery that allows the drone to stay in the air for about 20-25

3DR Solo Review


Flying and Features:

After you’ve unboxed the quad, read through the user manuals and charged the battery, you’re basically all set to take the 3DR Solo out. And getting this drone off the ground could not be easier. Actually, they’ve made what a lot of beginner pilots would find difficult and simplified it to the point where it just takes single button controls to take off, return home and land. This is wonderful if 3DR Solo Reviewyou’re ever in trouble in the air or simply lose sight of the drone. Alternately, you can let go of the controls and the drone will hover gracefully in one spot.

The video game-like controller feels comfortable and is designed to be convenient and easy to use. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices, giving you real-time streaming from the drone in flight. Using the 3DR app, simply called “3DR Solo” from the Apple Store and Google Play, you can customize many other settings to your liking.

Some of the features included are the return home, as mentioned before, the Orbit Mode, which is great, by the way. Once you choose the mode, switch over to the satellite map, this enables you to pick a centre point for your drone to focus and orbit around. You also have full control of the radius distance and altitude.

The Follow Me feature is a neat feature for taking awesome selfie-like pictures and videos without having to control the drone, as it is able to “lock on” to you. So, no matter which way to go, whether you’re walking, running, or even riding a bike, it will follow you as long as it’s within signal.

The flight time varies depending on if you have a gimbal with a GoPro attached. Without a gimbal, the Solo manages to stay in the air for about 25 minutes, with a gimbal, it’s only around the 20 minutes mark. Unfortunately, the gimbal and camera are sold separately.

Where To Buy:

3DR Solo Review


The 3DR Solo is designed to capture and provide its user with clear, smooth and high-definition images. Despite its relatively higher price, many buyers still opt for this product since it is capable of flying and functioning even in challenging weather conditions. It is also easy to operate, can stay up in the air for 20-25 minutes and provide seamless video streaming.

Popular Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the flight time for the 3DR Solo?
A: You can fly this for around 25 minutes without a gimbal, or around 20 with a gimbal attached.

Q: Is there a display on the controller?
A: No, there isn’t. Alternatively, you can attach an iOS or Android device to the controller and open up the 3DR Solo app.

Q: What’s the maximum distance of this quad?
A: You can fly the Solo up to a quarter of a mile.

Q: Can I use a GoPro Hero 4 with the Solo?
A: Yes, with the gimbal attached (sold separately), you can use the Hero 4.

Q: If I crash and damage the propellers, can I buy replacements?
A: Yes, spare propellers can be bought separately from Amazon, here.

Q: Can you control the gimbal using the controller?
A: Yes, indeed you can using the buttons on top of the controller.

Q: Is the Solo waterproof?
A: No, it is advised that you don’t fly this over large amounts of water or during wet weather.

Conclusion:3DR Solo Review

The 3DR Solo is specifically designed to take smooth and clear aerial shots. Although this is relatively expensive, the money spent to buy this will surely be compensated since it is powered by two 1 GHz computers that allow it to be efficiently controlled from the ground and capture relevant images.

It is also operated using the 3DR Solo app which is designed to work with mobile devices operated using the iOS or Android system. The app enables the drone to send and receive information from the ground and at the same time allow seamless video streaming even at a distance of half a mile.

As I close up this 3DR Solo review, I just want to add that although this is quite similar to the Phantom 3 Advanced/ Professional in terms of size, price, and flight, the Solo is quite unique and well worth considering if you’re looking for a drone not too complicated. A wonderful drone for pilots of all skill levels. I found it easy to learn the basics, had no problems regarding connectivity, and whether you choose to buy the gimbal or not, I feel the price is definitely justified here.

Before I leave you here, I just want to remind you to check out some Q&As below that may cover something I’ve missed in this article. And please feel free to comment if you wish to share your thoughts on the Solo. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

3DR Solo Review



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