Hey there. Before I start talking about myself, I just want to thank you for visiting this site!About Me - Drone Obsessions

My name’s David, and I live in Los Angeles. I have been flying RC helicopters and planes with my brothers since I was young. Although, I’ve never been part of a group or community, I’d say that flying RC ‘copters is quite a passion of mine!

Now, recreational drones are relatively new, and there are already so many out there, from toy-grade quadcopters to professional ones, so I have put this site together as a way for me to keep up to date with all the new drones available today and learn more about them in the process.

This new craze is only increasing every year so I plan to share with you my thoughts and personal reviews on the best drones for the cheapest price, as well as add any relevant information and articles that you may be interested in, because these days, there is more more drones than just taking videos. More and more companies around the world are turning to drones to deliver goods, aid in research and rescues, and many other purposes to which I’ll share with you here.

And of course, if you have any ideas on how I can improve this site, please feel free to contact me here. In the end, this site is all about you all who are just as passionate as I am about flying drones!

– David.