The Best Drones For Christmas 2016

The Best Drones For Christmas 2016

The Best Drones For Christmas 2016


Drones are an excellent Christmas gift for anyone who likes high tech gadgets and since the Christmas season is just around the corner, we take a closer look at some of the most popular drones available in the market today.

Drones dominated the Christmas wish lists last year with over 400, 000 drones being purchased over the holiday season. We expect that their popularity will be on the rise again as stats say more people have already bought more drones this year than last. A lot of research went into deciding what we consider to be the best drones for Christmas, so let’s get into it.

With so many different models and features, finding the best drone might be challenging for you. We have divided this guide into clear sections that should help you make the right choice. Hopefully, this article will help you find the best drones for Christmas for you or a family member. Let’s dive in and explore the most interesting drones released this year.


Hubsan X4 H107D FPV

If you are looking for a budget friendly drone that is easy to fly, the Hubsan X4 is for you. It is perfect for beginners who might not be very experienced when it comes to flying and operating a drone. It’s extremely easy to handle and manoeuvre in the air. Given its size and built, this is a great quad to learn with and fly without the fear of crashing and causing permanent damage.

The Best Drones For Christmas 2016
Hubsan X4

The Hubsan X4 is small, compact, and can fit any bag. The design is very modern and its slick look gives you the impression that it’s a much higher-class drone. The camera itself is not extremely high quality but you will get an excellent view on your controller. The videos are stored on an SD card and can be watched afterwards on your laptop or a tablet.

If your primary goal is purely to fly a drone, without obsessing too much over video quality, you will love Hubsan X4. One of the perks to the Hubsan X4 is that you can charge the battery in just thirty minutes and get the drone flying right away.

This drone goes up to 100 meters in the air which is really good considering that it is one of the cheaper models available today. It is also very sturdy so don’t worry about crashing it into things – it can survive numerous smaller accidents without any visible damage.

This drone is for… users who are just getting into flying drones, want to experience FPV, and need a device with a solid camera and a good controller.


Parrot Rolling Spider

The Parrot Rolling Spider is interesting because it has wheels attached on each side so you can even control it on hard surfaces. This device is not very expensive and it is ideal for complete beginners who has never owned a drone before. The flying range is not huge and you will be able to reach 20 meters with it, which is still great for both indoor and outdoor flying.

The Best Drones For Christmas 2016
Parrot Rolling Spider

Even though this drone is small and compact, it does have a built-in camera. The quality is not spectacular but you will be able to take low-quality photos with it. This drone is controlled via Bluetooth, meaning that you will have to connect your smartphone to the flying device and use it as a controller, similar to other drones from Parrot. The Parrot Rolling Spider is excellent for learning how to fly drones as it is super easy to use and control.

What makes playing with this device, even more, fun is the fact that you can flip it around in the air and on the ground. As we have previously mentioned, The Parrot Rolling Spider has wheels on each side and you will be able to roll it around as well. The battery will be fully charged in an hour and a half which might be a bit long for some users, but you will get to fly this device for about eight minutes once it is juiced up.

This drone is for… complete beginners who want to learn flying on a small and sturdy device and master some of the tricks as well.


Odyssey Toys Pocket Drone

If your child wants a drone but you don’t want to break your budget on a large and expensive gadget that can be damaged easily, we’ve got you covered. Just like the name suggests, Odyssey Toys Pocket Drone is a pocket-sized drone that has a very interesting and eye-catching design. This gadget is almost impossible to break so don’t worry – your child can practice flying as much as they want and it will remain in one piece.

Best drones for Christmas 2016
Odyssey Toys

When it comes to specifications and abilities, this drone has a solid HD camera and can be charged with every USB charger you have lying around which is excellent for people who don’t like to carry several different chargers at once. The camera can take both photos and videos, and they are stored on an SD card inside the drone. Additionally, the Odyssey Toys Pocket Drone can be folded in just a couple of seconds and the wings will be protected as well.

With the drone, you’ll also receive a transmitter (controller), that fits comfortably in your hands and is easy to use. The batteries can last up to six or eight minutes, but you can always have a spare ready if you want to fly it for longer. The ability to use other rechargeable batteries is what makes this device so special. They are cheap and will prolong the flying time for your youngsters.

This drone is for… children or beginners who want to fly a drone but they are not quite ready for more expensive models.



Dromida Ominus FPV

If you want a drone with an excellent camera but you don’t want to invest too much money, you should consider the Dromida Ominus. This is an excellent midrange drone that is very difficult to break or damage. So don’t worry if you are not an experienced drone user – you will be able to practice your flying with this one as much as you want.

the best drones for Christmas 2016
Dromida Ominus

The battery has to be charged for fifty minutes and your drone is ready for lift off. You will get fifteen minutes of air time for a single charge. You can connect the camera with your smartphone and stream the feed from your drone since it is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. The Dromida Ominus FPV has several advanced features, but it is still both budget and beginner friendly.

There are also four flight modes which will make the whole learning process a lot easier. Plus, several users can fly this drone regardless of their skill level. The Dromida Ominus FPV will provide fun for the entire family.

This drone is for… all users who wish to fly a drone. It is easy to navigate and the camera is quite powerful as well.



GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma was one of the most anticipated drones this year and it did meet the expectations. It will be available worldwide by the end of October so you will have plenty of time to order it as a Christmas gift. We all know that GoPro has amazing cameras and this drone fits right in. It will arrive in a tiny backpack that is super light and can accompany you everywhere. You will also receive a very good looking controller is compact and it can be stored in the backpack as well.

The Best Drones For Christmas 2016
GoPro Karma Drone

Once you get the drone out of the bag, you will be amazed at how quick you can put the propellers in place and start it up. The drone is really well designed and it looks great overall. The camera itself can be detached and you can use it on your helmet, bike, etc. It will deliver you exceptional shots since it has built-in stabilization and the images or videos will be in HD.

The controller is easy to use and you also have a display that will show you the live feed from the camera. The fly range is huge with the GoPro Karma so you will be able to get the drone for up to three kilometers away from you. Just make sure you keep a close eye on the battery and don’t get carried away with all abilities this drone has.

This drone is for… people who have a large budget to work with this Christmas and they want a versatile drone that looks amazing, takes incredible photos and videos and can do pretty much anything imaginable. Definitely a new contender for the best drones for Christmas.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be reviewing the GoPro Karma. So like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.


DJI Mavic

DJI decided to step away from their standard designs and create a lightweight foldable drone that can fit any bag or backpack. The drone is compact and once you get everything in place, it can be stored easily. Even though this model is smaller than the rest, it still packs all DJI features such as obstacle sensors and tracking, as well as GPS guard that will display a warning if your drone is near a restricted area.

The Best Drones For Christmas 2016
DJI Mavic Pro

It might not be as fast as DJI’s larger models that have powerful motors, but it is still quite strong and very easy to fly. You will be able to get it up to seven kilometers away and the battery lasts for about half an hour. The camera itself is very high-quality and can take breathtaking photos and videos. You can also stream to your YouTube or Periscope channel straight from this device. Unfortunately, you can’t disconnect the camera from the drone and use it on a daily basis.

The controller might look a bit confusing for some users, but once you go through the manual, things will become clearer to you. You can also connect your smartphone to the controller and use it as an additional display which is quite handy. So don’t worry if this is your first drone – DJI did their best to simplify everything for the new users. The only downside is the price since not everyone can afford this device.

This drone is for… people with a higher budget who want a marvellous high-quality drone. This can be compared with GoPro Karma, but with some super cool extras and a larger flying distance.

I was sent the DJI Mavic Pro for a day to review it. Click here for the full review.

I hope our guide to the best drones for Christmas 2016 edition has helped you out! With so many out there, choosing a handful that we believe would make wonderful gifts during the festive season was no easy task. We took features, cost, functionality, and more into account with each drone.

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– David



  • Drones aren’t just great gifts for kids, they are great gifts for big kids too. I’m thinking of getting my Dad the DJI Mavic drone for Christmas. I might have to go halves with my brother to afford it, but I think he will really appreciate how far it can travel.

    • Hey Kelly,
      I had so much fun flying the DJI Mavic Pro around for this review. It’s seriously a top contender for the best drones released this year, and the best thing is, it will be available just before Christmas!
      Thanks for your comment and hope your dad enjoys flying the Mavic Pro as much as I did!

  • I really like the Parrot Rolling Spider – it looks different from the other drones I’ve seen. Since it has wheels, do you think it would be easier to land on the ground? This is my theory. The Dromida Ominus also looks like a good option.

    • Hey Barry,
      I can tell you with for confidence that the Parrot Rolling Spider is one of the easiest drones to land, with or without the wheels attached. And due to its size, it’s a great drone for flying inside!

  • Odyssey Toys Pocket Drone is a great idea! You can take it literally anywhere with you. This might be a great idea for anyone that ones to take one traveling or backpacking as it doesn’t look like it weighs much and can fit anywhere. It looks very sci-fi as well. Like something off of the old Dr Who.

    • I agree with you on how the Odyssey Toys Pocket Drone looks. When you compare its looks with other drones, it’s so unique and doesn’t really follow the same basic design, does it?

  • I really like the looks of the GoPro Karma, but I’m not too sure about the price. I don’t want to buy something that is hard to use or won’t be used at all. It does look pretty cool though – I like the camera mount.

    • Hey James,

      I think a lot of people would agree with you in that you wouldn’t want to take the chance buying an expensive drone, no matter how advanced it is, if you’re not 100% confident in yourself flying it. After all, it does just take one major crash that could set you back hundreds.

      Take my advice, and many other experienced flyers, and start small, then work your way up!


  • It’s pretty awesome that the DJI Mavic can tell you when you enter a restricted area. I’ve heard people getting heavy fines for flying in restricted areas, but not realising it.

    • It’s such a great feature, Carrie. Especially if you know you have restricted skies nearby and you’re not quite sure where your limits are.

  • Great selection of drones you got here mate.
    Would have added the almighty Phantom 4 and it’s pro version to this list as well as the Typhoon H pro which is a solid multirotor too 😉

  • I have just purchased the Hubsan X4 H107D FPV for my boyfriend, for Christmas so I’m glad to see it’s on your list. Hope he likes it!

  • I feel secure about my purchase. I bought Hubsan X4 H107D FPV for my nephew. The reviews I’ve been finding have all said it’s good for beginners. Your review has solidified my decision. If his new found love of drones continues to grow and he becomes more proficient, I will have no problem purchasing the more complicated or expensive drones. Thanks for your insight

  • I had no idea so many drones were purchases last year, just during Christmas! 400, 000 is a huge number and it shows that people have started to love drones. This year, the number will most likely be much bigger.

    From the ones you’ve mentioned in this article, I feel drawn towards the Parrot Rolling Spider and I think I will buy it as my very first drone. 8 minutes of flying time is so and so I guess, but I like the added wheels that allow me to control it on hard surfaces. Here’s hoping I don’t break this drone from my first flight :))!

  • As soon as I’ve read “this gadget is almost impossible to break” I was hooked by the Odyssey Toys Pocket Drone. My 7 year old has been asking for a drone for a looooong time now and I think it’s time he got one since he’s been so nice this year. The problem is (or was) that he isn’t the best at keeping his toys intact. He pretty much destroys every one within a week or so. Hopefully, this drone can take a beating.

    • I also like the drone from Odyssey Toys because it’s not very expensive so if anything unexpected happens (and it usually does, at least in our family) we can easily replace it. I also like that you can use other rechargeable batteries which means we can fly the drone for much more than 6-8 minutes. We just pop some new batteries in and voila.

  • The GoPro Karma drone looks so awesome! But, I don’t dare buy one because I still have no experience with them yet. I think I should start with a basic one like the Hubsan one. Once I have some experience, I’m going for the Karma; can’t wait!

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