Best Drones for Kids

Best Drones for Kids

This is a question that comes up quite often, and with the crazy amount of drones available today, it’s quite understandable that choosing the best drones for kids can be a daunting task. Toy grade quadcopters have become the most preferred toys since these are fun to play, usually designed for indoor and outdoor use, and are very affordable. Drone sales across the world are increasing every month and has already more than doubled since 2014.

While this continues to increase, many shoppers who are new to drones are having a hard time selecting a drone that is both easy to fly and reliable. To make life a lot easier, I’ve conducted my own research as to what the 3 best drones for kids are, based on ease of use, price, and features. The following models below are proven to be very reliable:

SYMA X5C Explorers 2.4 G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro

Currently the best selling drone on Amazon, the SYMA X5C  is ideal for kids since it is not too small and not too large, with dimensions of 16.5 x 12.2 x .8 inches and weighs about 2 pounds. It features a 6-axis Gyro stabilization system which is responsible for making it very flexible, stable and wind resistant when flying.  It is fitted with a quick-charging battery and gets full-charged after 100 minutes. When fully-charged, the XC5 can stay in the air for about 8 minutes and can be controlled at a maximum distance of 50 meters.

Aside from its durable construction, the drone is also a favored model since it is fitted with a 720p camera that allows it to take pictures and capture videos from the air. The images captured can be easily obtained since the drone comes with a MicroSD slot where the data is stored. Finally, many buyers prefer this over other available models since this can be easily assembled and has a good range from the ground. The manner as to which it is controlled is also straightforward and kids will surely learn all the needed operations quickly.

best drones for kids


  • Comes with a flexible, stable and wind-resistant design
  • Made of durable design
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Equipped with a 720p camera and a MicroSD slot
  • Can take pictures and videos from the air
  • Easily assembled
  • Decently priced


  • Might not be available for shipping in some countries
  • Not backed by a warranty

The SYMA X5C Explorers 2.4 G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro is a good option for buyers who want to buy a good drone for kids since this is sold at a decent price. It can be easily operated and is wind resistant. It comes with a reliable camera and a MicroSD slot that stores the images it captures from the air.

Read the full review for the Syma X5C here.


Hubsan X4 (H107C) 4 Channel 2.4GHzRC Quad Copter

The Hubsan X4 is a good drone that kids would surely enjoy playing. It features a user-friendly set of controls that novice and beginners will conveniently get acquainted with fast. It comes with dimensions of 2.7×2.7×1 inches and weighs about 1.2 pounds. With such measurements, the H107C can be flown indoors and outdoors.

This sophisticated drone is equipped with the 6-axis flight control system along with an adjustable sensitivity. It is controlled using a 4-channel digital controller and can be controlled at a decent distance. The battery used on the drone is charged through a USB chord using a computer. It is fitted with a 3MP camera that can capture images while the drone is in flight. On top of that, the drone can be easily flipped in 4 ways by just pushing the controller’s buttons.

Best drones for kids


  • Comes with a small dimension and lightweight construction
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Very compact and portable
  • User-friendly
  • Features the 6-axis flight control system and a highly-adjustable sensitivity
  • Equipped with a camera
  • Sold at a low price


  • Works best when used indoors
  • Not resistant to windy conditions
  • The camera fitted on it does not move and not that clear

The Hubsan X4 is a top option for buyers with a limited budget who may not be too familiar with drones. It can be easily assembled, operated and flown from the ground. Although the camera attached is not that clear and doesn’t move, this can still be used to learn basic aerial photography.


UDI U818A-HD 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 AXIS Headless RC Quadcopter

best drones for kids

The UDI U818A is a good drone for kids’ use. It has the dimensions of 14.9×14.6×3.9 inches – not too small or too large. It weighs about 1.9 pounds and regarded as one of the lightest in its class.

This drone is equipped with the latest version of the 6-axis flight control system along with a 3D lock that makes its flight easier to control during flight. The product is fitted with blade protectors made of highly elastic plastic that protects the blades against continued use. These are also responsible for enhancing the drone’s anti-fall and anti-collision performance.

The drone is also fitted with a 2MP HD video camera that can take clear and smooth images while in the air. It features the 360-degree Eversion that allows the drone to roll for perfect action and provide wonderful performance.



  • Made of durable materials
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with blade protectors
  • Equipped with an HD camera
  • Can record clear videos and capture images while on flight
  • Features the 6-axis flight control system and a 3D lock


  • Not sold along with a warranty
  • Sold at a higher price than most drones

Despite its relatively higher price, many buyers still prefer the UDI U818A-HD over the other options since this offers an improved anti-collision and anti-fall performance. It is fitted with an HD camera, can be easily operated and comes with the 360-degree Eversion feature.



The three products discussed above are definitely the best drone for kids. But out of the three, the SYMA X5C Explorers can be considered as the best for this comes with a long list of useful features that are not offered by the other two. The Hubsan X4 proves to be the second best option since it’s equipped with some of the features that the XC5 has but at a lower price. The UDI U818A-HD is the third best option since it offers some of the features of the XC5 and the H107C but at a much higher price.

I hope my recommendations for what I think are the best drones for kids have helped with the decision-making process. I’ve seen personally just how much enjoyment these kids get from being able to fly things, no matter how small. It’s such a wonderful feeling!

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Comment below if you have any feedback or recommendations. I would love to hear them! Feel free to like us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned for more guides and reviews coming up soon. Thanks for reading!

– David.



  • Easy to read nicely laid out article. I would have like more information describing the benefits for different aged kids. What ages are best to start playing with drones? My kids might still be a bit young I think.

    I am very interested in learning more about drones. I love the Air Hogs Star Trek Enterprise. I saw one on Amazomby the other day, looks awesome.

    • Hi Marc, that is a very interesting question you’ve raised. I think it’s entirely up to the parents as there’s not really an age limit. I think around 10-12 year old with a mini, and see how they handle that first. I personally started a little older with RC helicopters, in my teens, but I guess all kids are different and pick up things a lot faster these days, right? lol
      Thanks for commenting and good luck!


  • Hello David, congratulations on building a fantastic website. With so many people taking an interest in drones it’s a much needed information resource and has the potential to become a lucrative business. I think you have made a very good observation here by reviewing the toy drones for kids. These are obviously very different to professional drones used by skilled individuals, like camera men. I work in the TV industry as a producer director. When you get round to posting some research into good value drones for filming please send it to me and I will forward to my camera men friends. Keep up the good work. Take care. Mark

  • My boys both love their drone. It is small and my four year old has a hard time controlling it. My older son is eight and he flies it without a problem.

    We were looking at getting him a larger one for Christmas this year. Thanks for the great review.

  • David,

    Lovely drones collection you have here. I like how solid these models look, they may be a handful for adults but I can see how they are pretty good toys for kids.

    I wonder what age is required to use these?

    Anyways, they can be a great present for my niece. 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  • That is some very detailed guide I have to say. I found pretty much all the information I was looking for here, thank you for that! Just 1 thing though, where I live is always a lot of wind. Do you think the UDI U818A-HD is sturdy enough to withstand the bad weather conditions?


  • I was looking at the Hubsan X4, but then noticed you mention it’s not good in windy conditions. I’m from Perth, and it’s one of the windiest city’s in the world, so I guess this drone wouldn’t be a good option. Maybe the UDI U818A is a better option. Thanks for the comparison.

  • I’m looking for something that would be good for a 10 year old boy? I don’t want to buy something that is to complicated or technical. Which ones out of these would you recommend?

  • Something I haven’t considered is the warranty. I guess this is actually pretty important, as there will probably be some crashes at first. Do you know whether the warranty usually covers crashing, or does usually only cover manufacturing issues?

  • The UDI U818A-HD 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 AXIS Headless RC Quadcopter looks like the safest option – the barriers could prevent the blades from getting damaged, but I guess it doesn’t have a warranty. The first drone we had the blades broke within the first day – so I think it’s important to look for something that will last.

  • Would you say the Hubsan X4 (H107C) is the best drone for indoor use. There is a lot of wind where we are and we live in a really built up area, I’m not sure what the restrictions would be flying a drone around here.

  • Some great ideas! I guess I’ll have to make a decision pretty soon to get it here before Christmas. There are just so many things to consider that I haven’t thought about.

  • My children would love these drones! The hardest part is choosing which one they would like the best, haha. I’m not going to ask you which one you recommend as you have done so in this post. But I went for the Hubsan X4. Seems like it’s very kid-friendly and affordable, so no fights if they get one each.

  • I would love to go for the UDI U818A, however I think it might be a bit out of my budget. I guess I have to decide whether to wait until I have enough money for this one, or to go for an alternative one. They all do look like pretty good options, I guess.

  • My kids have been begging my wife and I for drones. We opted not to get 1 for Christmas. We weren’t sure if it would be worth the money. A belated Christmas gift will be The UDI U818A drone. I don’t foresee my kids tearing it up or getting bored with it. They seem serious about learning how to work these things.

  • I just bought a Syma drone and I must say that it is great for the kind of money I paid for it. My kid is having a blast flying it and although he has hit a few obstacles (which couldn’t be avoided since he’s just a beginner) the drone is doing great. It seems to have absorbed the shock well and I highly recommend this model to any parent considering getting their kid a nice, cool gift.

  • On my latest order with Amazon, I got 2 Hubsans, one for my big guy who’s ten and one for myself. He’s been asking me for one for a long time and I thought we could learn to fly together and spend some time doing something fun. I’m pleased with what the drone can do and it was a worthwhile buy at the $80 I spent. My kid often asks me to grab my drone and go for a fly with him so I think he likes it.

  • After reading what you’ve said, I think I’ll first get the Hubsan and after a while, I’ll buy the Syma one. This way I get my kid a nice gift and I don’t have to worry about him destroying it because it’s so cheap :))!

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