Cheerson CX20 Review

Cheerson CX20 Review

Cheerson CX20 Review


There is no doubt drones are amazing! They are becoming an important tool for aerial shots, rescues missions, and it even has its own league. Even though they can be pretty dang useful, there is just one problem: most drones break easily. This can be a major problem for first-time buyers, so finding your perfect “first drone” can be a challenge. But why is durability so important?

Honestly, your first time flying a drone may not be as smooth as you would hope, and one major crash can put an end to your once working drone. Luckily, there is a quad that is pretty durable and one I consider to be wonderful. Although, not necessary a drone for newcomers to the hobby, but the Cheerson is certainly a great choice for experienced pilots. I say this because of the price more than anything – one major crash could put an end to your fun and leave you $359 short.

Cheerson cx20 review

This Cheerson CX20 review will cover everything from specs, features, popular Q&A’s as well as my personal thoughts based on my experience flying this amazing drone.

Some quick points, it has good battery life, decent flight time, and most importantly it is durable. Anyone with experience can fully enjoy this fabulous medium-sized drone.



  • 15 minutes flying time
  • GPS system
  • 2 hours charging time
  • MX autopilot system
  • Auto-return function
  • Remote control
  • High intensity LED lights
  • Intelligent orientation control (IOC) function
  • Max Speed of 22mph.



  • No camera
  • No propeller guard
  • Batteries for transmitter are not included


cheerson cx20 review

In The Box:

The following is what’s included with the CX20: 1x Remote Control (Transmitter), 1x Balance Charger, 4x Propellers, 1x Li-Po Battery, 2x Aircraft Support (Landing Legs), 1x Camera Support, 1x User Manual, 1x wrench and screwdriver.




The feel of the model is sturdy, constructed from ABS plastic, giving you the confidence that it can survive minor bumps and crashes. The overall dimensions are 11.61 x 11.61 x 4.13 inches.

cheerson cx20 reviewThe transmitter can send signals to the drone at a frequency of 2.4GHz, with four channels, giving you the ability to control it at a range of 300 meters. Simply change to another channel if you’re experiencing interference or it’s too “noisy”. In addition to its amazing air performance, it’s powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery, giving you a flying time of around 15 minutes on a fully charged battery.

As it states on the box, this is a ready-to-fly quad. Basically, once you’ve taken everything out, all you have to do is install the batteries in the transmitter (4x AA batteries), charge the LiPo Battery (which takes up to 2 hours), and connect the propellers. I’ve mentioned this in other reviews, but while I’m waiting for the battery to charge up, I use this time to read through the manual. Each quad is different, and it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with each one.


Flying & Features:

After the batteries are fully charged, you’re then ready to fly. First, connect the LiPo Battery to the drone and wait for it to connect to the GPS signals. Once completed, a green light at the rear will appear. Now you’re going to want to connect your transmitter with the drone. Do to this, switch your transmitter on, and pull the left stick down and hold it there. You should notice a red light on the drone will start flashing, wait until it’s completely on.
Cheerson cx20 review
To take off, simply use the left stick and push it gently upwards. The Cx20 is a fast climber, so be steady to begin with. To lower the quad once in the air, simply pull the left stick down, towards you. To direct your drone to fly right or left, simply push the left stick in the direction you wish to go. Now flying forward, you push the right stick up, away from you. To fly back, bring the right stick down, towards you.

The CX20 has an incorporated flight dynamics machine, the MX + GPS multi-rotor autopilot system, as well as the committed controller and receiver. Before you receive the CX20, all the flight parameters and capacities have already been setup, so you can fly your drone almost immediately. The stability of the MX autopilot framework permits you to effortlessly accomplish awesome flight capabilities.

On the top of the transmitter is where you can switch between the different flying features. Adjusting the knob to the GPS Fixed Flight Mode means you can fly the drone anywhere and it will be locked at that height, no matter which direction you fly. To hover in one spot, switch over to Hover Mode. This is especially great for holding a position to take steady videos and pictures.

cheerson cx20 reviewAnytime you lose control of your quad, or simply wish to land your quad, simply press the Return To Home (RTH) button on your transmitter. What’s great about this is that if as soon you have lost signal with your drone from the transmitter, it will automatically activate the RTH feature, enabling the drone to fly back to where it took off from and perform a soft and safe landing. Testing this feature, I found it was able to pinpoint the landing pad very accurately due to the GPS locking.


Moreover, the Cheerson comes with a GPS altitude mode and the altitude control mode. You’re able to experience a different flying experience by switching between to two.



Like stated the Cheerson CX20 is truly amazing for experienced pilots who want an amazing drone that handles well. Unlike many other drones, and while I wouldn’t usually consider flying drones at night, the CX20 does have bright LED lights at the bottom, making it extremely easy to navigate across a night sky.

And that’s not all- the aircraft features a mount platform that is specifically reserved for holding a GoPro camera, giving you the option to take beautiful pictures and videos from above, and sharing them online. The Cheerson CX20 embraces performance and convenience. It’s actually an aircraft designed with the interests of most experienced pilots in mind.


Where To Buy:

Below are the links for the Cheerson CX20 with some additional accessories you might be interested in.

cheerson cx20 review

Popular Questions and Answers:

Q: Will the camera mount fit any GoPro camera?
A: Yes, it’s capable with all generations of GoPro.

QWould I have to register the Cheerson CX20?
A: Yes, you will have to by law.

Q: How safe is my camera going to be on the drone?
A: The camera mount has brackets that will lock onto your camera, securing it in place.

Q: Every time I fly the CX20, do I have to recalibrate the compass?
A: No, you shouldn’t have to. Only in special circumstances would you have to recalibrate the compass more than once.
.cheerson cx20 review


This is definitely one of the best drones you can buy, as I found it quite similar to the DJI Phantom at a much affordable price! With care, this quad has a long lifespan, long transmitter signal, and it has MX autopilot. It also has an auto-return feature which enhances the GPS system.

You can fly the drone for 16 minutes straight! This would be awesome for people that would like to get some amazing aerial shots, unfortunately, just a reminder that it doesn’t come with a stock camera. It is capable of fitting a GoPro, which is sold separately.

With its longevity, GPS system, and good battery life, all you will have to do is buy your own camera and you will have one of the most impressive drones available today.

Below are some of the popular Q&As I found regarding this drone, and hopefully will answer any questions you have that I may have missed in my Cheerson cx20 review. If you have any other questions or any feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to share and introduce you friends to this wonderful hobby!

– David


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