what is a drone

New York City Drone Film Festival

Over the weekend, the New York City Drone Film Festival just had its second annual event, which showcases short films (under 5 minutes) filmed using only drones, from all over the world.

These amazing and talented film-makers, using their imagination and creativity, and the best drones for aerial videography, have filmed some really impressive videos showing some of the earth’s most beautiful wonders, from lava emerging from inside a volcano, to skiing off snowy mountains in LED suits. They’re all unique and visually outstanding!


what is a drone


As the popularity of drones rise, so will the NYC Drone Film Festival. Last year they had 155 submissions from 19 countries, but this year saw more than double that, with 355 submissions from 49 countries. How crazy is that? Imagine just how huge this will be in just another 5 years time?

The festival offers a variety of entertainment like drone races, and talks from guests regarding important issues such as the legal and policy issues we face today and more.

The movies submitted must fall under the categories provided which include Narrative, Technical, Landscape, Extreme Sports, Showreel, Dronie, Lifestyle FPV, Still Photography, X-Factor, Featuring Drones, Architecture and News/Documentary.

Although this year’s event is over, judging by the site’s Dates and Deadlines leading up to the event, submissions were accepted from August 2015 to January 2016. If the same rules apply for next year’s, you still have a lot of time to come up with an awesome original short video and submit it. Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Review

To send your movies and view the winner’s of the previous Festivals, you can visit their sites
here and here.

While most of the public are still coming to terms that drones could soon be an everyday thing (being inexpensive and easily accessible), festivals such as this really does shine some positive light on the uses of drones. From simply being a tool that is concerning to our privacy and safety, these events may slowly path a way for businesses, amateur and professional film-makers alike to further improve and promote their work in a way would have been a lot more difficult to do only just a few years ago.

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  • Hi Dave… don’t we live in amazing times! I get blown away when I read subjects such as this. I read further through your site and find it incredible that anyone could own one of these drones and do their own filming.

    I must tell my son about it as he’s getting right into photography but with this type of gear it would be amazing what he could do.

    Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Marilyn. I believe to an extent that drones will push the limits to what photographers can achieve in terms of creativity. We’re already seeing it now.

      Good luck to your son and his photography.

      • I just went in and talked to him about it right now! He was suggesting all these amazing photos he could get. I think it’s stirred his mind and you never know what the end result will be.

        Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • Hi there, this is a really interesting article, thank you for sharing it with us. I was watching a TV program the other day and it was showing how some film makers had shot a sequence where they they flew a drone across a field, up to a derelict house, through the house and out the other side. It was really amazing to watch. I would like to see more film shot by drone, can you suggest anything?

  • Hey Davby,
    I just read your post on the New York drone festival, and I know we are progressing every second when it comes to technology, but do you really see us all owning a drone at a cheap price in the near future. It seems like a long ways away from now and could cause problems right? Either way good post keep up the good work.

  • I wanted to buy a drone for my husband but we’ve been put off by all the hype about the laws that are or going to be passed about using drones.
    We’re in the UK and there have been many incidences where drones have had near misses with aircraft. In Sweden they are actually training Eagles to take drones out. The UK are thinking of doing something similar.
    It only takes a few irresponsible drone owners to ruin it for the rest of us and that’s a real shame.
    I sincerely hope there will be some sort of compromise for drone owners who are responsible and sensible when using these machines and any laws that are applied will relate just to those that use the machines recklessly and without thought for others. Ches

  • Hi Davby,

    While I am not a big fan of drone, this is exceptional. I had a look at some of the videos and they are awesome! I particularly like the News & Documentary category where they featured the Son Doong Cave. What a beauty and challenge to fly a drone in there.

    I think this is a very creative way to capture videos and enter territories that are not reachable by human beings. I am into photography and I think using a drone could have its advantages after all.

    Thanks for sharing such inspirational article with us. I learned something new.

  • Hi, David,
    I love everything about filming with drones, but I know it takes a ton of energy and effort as an independent film maker and photographer to use them in a professional capacity! Friends of ours had a drone crash just minutes before they were scheduled to shoot a huge project that they were flown overseas to shoot! Luckily, they found it in time and made temporary fixes to get the job done! I think it’s fascinating how they use them to shoot sporting events and the Olympics now, I am sure the insurance companies are having a hayday in the U.S. catering to this new category!

  • Awesome blog. I can’t believe that there is a drone film festival. I’d bet that would be pretty cool to see. I’m obsessed with all things air. I actually saw a drone flying from the rooftop deck of my apartment the other day. I first saw one of the film making drones at TomrorowWorld in Georgia several years ago and was pretty amazed. The cost of them have gone down so greatly that they are actually affordable now.

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