Yuneec Q500 4K review

Yuneec Q500 4K Review

Yuneec Q500 4K Review


With the latest innovation in drones over the years, we’ve had systems that come ready to fly (RTF), can follow you automatically, land itself and take fantastic 4K footage. This exciting quadcopter has all of those things and so much more. So let’s take a look at these features and as I share my personal experiences with my Yuneec Q500 4K review.

This magnificent drone comes with an ultra HD camera that records videos at a rate of 1080p, but you can switch to the highest video resolution of 4K. Still pictures that are shot using this camera are also of high quality at 12MP. The lens of the camera is designed to resist any kind of distortion.

The camera is mounted on the aircraft using a 3 axis Gimbal to keep it steady during the flight. The drone comes with a transmitter that has a touch screen. The drone is powered by a rechargeable battery. In fact, the package comes with two batteries.

By default, the Quadcopter flies at a speed of 3mph, but you can push it to 15mph. The drone has an in-built GPS system that maps out the path that is used to return it back to the landing point. But you must tap the home function for the drone to fly back to the starting point.

The quadcopter comes with an aluminium carrier case that is made to extend its lifespan, you can, therefore, take the drone with you when travelling with ease. It’s such a shame that including a case isn’t standard with all models. I feel with the price you pay, you’d want something to protect it, and fortunately with the Q500, you have nothing to worry about.


In the Box

Typhoon Q500 quadcopter

ST10+ Transmitter / Ground Station (with built-in touch screen display and 854 x 480px screen resolution.)

CGO3 4K Gimbal Camera

CGO SteadyGrip

CGO3 Transport Cover (for camera gimbal)

Flight Case

2 3S 5400mAH Lipo Batteries USB adapter/charger and cable

Car ChargerYuneec Q500 4K review

USB to Micro USB Cable

AC / DC Power Supply

2 Sets of Rotor Blades

16GB SD Card with Tutorial videos

USB Interface/ Programmer

ST10+ Sun Shield

ST10+ Neck Strap


Flight Case Keys

Quickstart Guide

LED Status, Calibration, and Warning Sheets



Typhoon Aircraft
Dimension Typhoon Aircraft Dimensions
Flight Time up to 25 minutes
Weight with Battery and Payload 60.0 oz (1700g)
Weight without Battery and Payload 40.0 oz (1130g)
Battery 5400mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo (included)
Charger 3S 11.1V LiPo DC Balancing Smart Charger with AC Adapter (included)
Transmitter 10-channel 2.4GHz with 5.8GHz video downlink (included)
3 Flight Modes Smart (Follow Me and Watch Me), Angle and Home
Maximum Flying Height Default 122m (400ft) above Ground Level (Adjustable via the Typhoon GUI)
Maximum Rotation Rate 65°/s
Maximum Roll Angle 35°
Operating Temperature Range −5°C to 80°C
Radio Control Frequency Band 2.4GHz
Max. Descent Speed 2m/s
Max. Flight Speed 17mph / 27 kph (Angle Mode), 22mph / 35 kph (Follow Me/Watch Me)
Gimbal Camera
Type CGO3
Weight 6.9oz (195g)
Focusing System Aerial Optimized Fixed Focus
Field of View 115°
Video Transmission Range FCC Compliance: Up to 600m (1968.5 ft)

CE Compliance: Up to 300m (984.252 ft) with ST10

Video Resolution UHD: 4K at 30FPS, 2.7K at 30FPS, 2.5K at 30FPS — FULL HD: 1080p at 24/25/30/48/50/60/120FPS
Photo Resolution 12 Megapixels
Storage (memory) microSD Class 10 ~ 4 to 128 GB
Control Angle Accuracy ±0.02°
White Balance Automatic or manual settings
Transmission Band 5.8GHz.
Input/Operating Voltage 12V
Working Temperature −10°C–50°C
Storage Temperature −20°C–60°C
Angular Vibration Range ±0.02°
Control Range Pitch: between −90° and 0°
Microphone Yes
Camera Lens 14mm f/2.8 – No distortion
Sensor 1/2.3″ CMOS



  • 25 minutes of flight time
  • 3 Fight Modes: Smart, Angle, Home
  • ST10+ Transmitter/Personal Ground Station
  • Includes CGO Steady Grip for CGO2-GB Camera
  • CGO2-GB+ 3-Axis Stabilized Camera
  • 12 Megapixels Photo Resolution
  • Access to a database of published FAA no-fly areas
  • Aerial Optimized Fixed Focus lens with 115° field of view and no distortion
  • Handheld CGO Steadygrip V3 for detachable CGO3 4K camera


yuneec 500 4k reviewThe Yuneec Q500 is a top of the range quadcopter. The drone has a personal ground station transmitter that is operated by tapping on its touch screen. The drone is fitted with a CGO camera via a 3 axis Gimbal to prevent the pictures and videos from being shaky.

The CGO3 4K Gimbal Camera is amazing, giving you the freedom of shooting films using the 4K or 1080p resolution, and if you want to take many shots at once, it’s advisable to switch to 1080p because you will get 120 pictures in a single second.

If you end up losing range or signal or find you’re suddenly on low battery, there’s no chance of losing your drone as it comes with a Home function that causes it to fly back to the position that it took off from.

Like many quadcopters out now, there is usually a mode specifically for beginners. This is Smart Mode, and is recommended for first-time flyers. It simply means your quadcopter will move whichever way to move the control stick, no matter what direction the nose of the drone is facing. So if you want the drone to fly right, you move the control stick right.

You can also use another feature called Follow Me while on Smart Mode. This makes the Q500 follow you while in the air, as long as you’re holding the transmitter. This is because of the GPS unit fitted inside the transmitter.

Now for the more experienced pilots, Angle Mode is ideal for you. With Angle Mode, your drone will fly in the direction you point your control sticks, no matter where you’re facing. Also in Angle Mode, your drone will hover and hold altitude while you’re not controlling it. I tested this by not touching the control sticks and it held its position perfectly.

Home Mode is a feature that will help land your quadcopter if you’re in trouble. It automatically sends your drone to the point that you too off from and land precisely in that spot. It’s also a great feature if you’re suddenly out of range or have a low battery, as it will bring the drone back.


TransmitterYuneec Q500 4K review

This feature-packed transmitter is a wonder to use once you get the hang of it. Along with the control sticks that you’ll use to fly your quadcopter, there’s a 5-inch touchscreen and various other buttons that enable you to take videos and pictures, start and stop the rotors and change the flight mode. The transmitter may look bulky, but you don’t have to stretch your fingers to reach anything. It’s actually well designed.

For those long-planned flights, the neck strap provided will come in handy. Also, if you find it difficult seeing the screen due to glare, use the sun shield that has also been provided.

As I mentioned earlier, there are 3 Flight Modes you can choose from: Smart Mode, Angle Mode, and Home Mode.



Now that we’ve checked out what this quadcopter has to offer, let’s get it out of the box and fly it for ourselves. Firstly, it’s quite a large aircraft, measuring around 22” in length, it’s larger than the DJI’s Phantom and 3DR’s Solo.

Before we take to the skies, we attach the propellers and charge the battery. Pretty standard stuff. Also, this is a good time to check out the manual and safety information.
If you need a copy of the manual, you can download it from Yuneec’s site, here.

While you’re flying, you can watch the camera’s footage from the touch screen on the transmitter in real time. The screen also has a lot of other useful information such as Operational Suitability Data (OSD), GPS status, positioning and so on.

Make sure you take off and land on a flat surface. As soon as your quadcopter gains power and takes off, it will hover up and remain there until you direct it with the control sticks.

Yuneec Q500 4K review


  • 3 Axis Gimbal
  • Aluminium Carrier Case included
  • GPS Systemyuneec Q500 4k review
  • Touch Screen Personal Ground Station
  • Ultra High-Definition (UHD) Resolution (Four Times Higher than HD)
  • User Controlled Video Resolution
  • Return Home Function
  • Two Rechargeable Batteries
  • Smartphone Holder
  • CGO Camera
  • Two Spare Propellers
  • Battery Life



  • No Flashlights for Night Vision
  • No Propeller Guards

Where To Buy:


Popular Questions and Answers

Q: What is the top speed of the Q500?
A: It all depends on how you’re flying it. In GPS mode, the top speed is only around 15mph. In manual mode, you can reach speeds up to 40mph, however, the Return To Home feature will be disabled.

Q: How do you save your 4K videos?
A: There is a micro SD card included that will save all your videos and pictures that you take during your flight.

Q: Why does this come with two chargers?
A: One charger is for the drone’s battery, the other is to charge your ST10 transmitter.



Overall I thoroughly enjoyed flying the Q500 around. I took some impressive 4K videos, and pictures, and will be uploading them to YouTube in the coming days. The controls handle well, the features are convenient and easy to learn.

Included in the box are two extra propellers that serve as spare parts for replacing those that may become damaged due to accidental falls.

The aircraft uses GPS system to generate a map that it uses to return to the starting point when it has flown far from the pilot. Moreover, the HD camera is fixed on the bottom of the drone via a 3 axis Gimbal to guarantee clear photos and videos.

If you want to carry the drone on your next trip out of town, the aluminium carrier case will definitely come in handy. The carrier case is free from rusting and scratches. The downsides, however, is that the drone can’t fly at night due to lack of LED lights, the quadcopter doesn’t have propeller guards, but these aren’t enough to keep this drone from being one of my favorites I’ve had the pleasure of flying. I found it so easy to fly once I got the hang of it that propeller guards really aren’t needed. It’s that easy to control and learn to fly. But if you prefer the safer option, propeller guards can be purchased separately. I’ve added the link above, along with other optional add-ons.

There you have it. I hope you’ve found this Yuneec Q500 4K review helpful and informative. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or feedback. Don’t forget to like our new Facebook page, here, and share! Thanks for reading!

– David.



  • Wow, thanks for such a very detailed review, I have been thinking about getting something like this for a friend as a gift, he is obsessed with planes, he builds them himself but he also loves photography. I live on an island out in the middle of the south pacific and he would be able to take some beautiful shots from above with this, thanks so much 🙂

    • Hey there, it seems like a drone would make the perfect gift for your friend! I hope this review has been helpful!

  • Hi there, great review here.

    I have to say I really like how this particular drone looks, and it looks futuristic and sleek. If drones can follow us around automatically, then I surely see myself using it for fun very soon.

    Your knowledge of the product is great. I just wanted to know how robust are these drones? Do they withstand the test of time? And are their parts replaceable?

    Thank you =)

    • Hi Farhan, the best thing is that anybody can seriously start flying drones with a little practice. Drones can last for many years with care. But parts can certainly be replaced without a fuss if you’ve had a few bumps and crashes.
      Thanks for commenting,

  • I came across your site and am really interested in purchasing one of these drones for my business venture.

    The information that your site gives on the Yuneec Q500 4K, is quite detailed and offers the potential to boost sales of this unit.

    Can you give me an estimate of cost and where I may purchase this model of drone? Thank you for your response in advanced!

  • Hey there, nice review! I’m a beginner and I’m getting this one for the 4K camera. I just love how it looks too and budget is no issue for me. I can’t wait to start making movies!

  • Hi, I just read your review and considering getting this, I just have a question for you. Is the battery for the controller external and how long does it last for?

    Thanks for the awesome review.

    • Hey Patrick,
      The battery for the transmitter or controller is internal, and lasts for a few hours. The actual quadcopter, however, lasts for about 20-25 mins max.

  • I’m considering getting one of these ASAP, but I’m from Australia and was wondering if I can get this and where from? Amazon unfortunately won’t ship to Australia. Thanks for your help.

  • Hello David,
    Your review was well written, informative and easy to read and understand. My son has been asking for one of these for ages now, not exactly this one, but I’m afraid he’ll go out and end up damaging it or something.

    I’ll bookmark this site and come back once I’ve made a decision and check your approval, lol. I checked the regulations on your other page and they’re easy to follow which is a good thing.

    Thanks David.

    • Hey Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to comment. I’d be glad to help out when you know what to choose. I’ve got a couple posts here that can give you a couple of suggestions for first timers.

  • Hey mate,
    This Q500 is amazing! Is it just me or does it look like the Alien’s head from Alien?? lol I bought mine not too long ago and I have rarely put it down. I had a smaller drone before that and got bored of it.
    I have a suggestion, you should have a section here for people to add their pics and videos on here. There are a lot of great ones around.


    • Hi Gregory, thanks for commenting! That’s a great idea about a video section. If enough people are keen for one, I’ll include something for sure!
      That was one of the first things I thought of when I saw it. Looking front on, you can definitely see some Alien there 🙂


  • The 4K camera is fabulous! I love the quality and it’s great seeing a straight horizon rather than a curved one you get with other drones. It looks more natural and I feel you can do so much more when it comes to aerial cinematography.
    I wish you could add an extra 4K camera, but I think it would become too heavy. I’m hoping one day they’ll think of it.
    I had a Phantom 2, but has suffered some wear and tear over the years. I’ve just ordered this on Amazon and should keep me going for another couple of years 🙂

    • Hi Tony, thanks for your comment. Yuneec has designed a fantastic drone here, definitely on par with the Phantom I reckon. Good luck and I hope this quad stays with you for many more years!

  • I came across this page a few days ago and ended up purchasing the Yuneec Q500 to advertise my business and such, and although the weather hasn’t been that great to fly it yet, unboxing it and setting it up was a breeze. No hassle at all. Definitely recommend it. Hopefully tomorrow’s a much nicer day!

    • Hey there, I hope you’ve been able to fly this since. Feel free to post any pics or video on here any time. Thanks!

  • I’m still not entirely sold on the q500. From what I’ve seen, the phantom 3 handles way better and is much smaller in size. I don’t know about price for sure, but I think it’s cheaper too. Did you go to the drone film festival in new york last weekend?

    • Hi Carlos, unfortunately, I didn’t go to the New York Drone Film Festival. Hopefully next year I can make it. It’d be a blast!

  • Great review!!! I have a quick question, what happens when you fly out of range? Does it return to home? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Caitlin, the Q500 will indeed fly back home if you fly out of range or lose contact with the quad, so you have nothing to worry about there. Good luck!

  • I’m upgrading from the Parrot Ar to this wonderful quadcopter. Like you, I’m a huge fan of drones! I think this one looks sleek and futuristic. And the black and grey color scheme will make it stand out against the bright sky. I guess I won’t be doing any night shots, lol.

  • Awesome! Got a friend here who used to contribute photos in NatGeo. Not yet sure if he’s informed of anything about drones or even if he possesses one. I only see drones in movies and always think it’s just too techy and unaffordable. This friend is currently working in Vietnam and is striving to get himself in any UN-affiliated jobs. Will bookmark this site. Thanks for the list 🙂

    • Hey Shaine, you should totally get your friend into drones. If amateur photographs are now able to master drones and take great looking pictures, imagine how amazing professionally shot pictures would be.
      Yeah, most are quite affordable. The higher end ones are much more expensive, but unless you’re already experienced, there’s no real need to go out and buy the best one!

  • I’m just starting to get more interested in drones and how awesome they are. Before I was aware of drones, I always wondered how people filmed paranomic views from high up in the sky and I always thought maybe it was a helicopter but then I thought it’d cost hell a lot of budget to film those for regular video films on youtubes. Then I realized they were drones. And this one looks awesome. I didn’t know they had a little screen on a controller to see the view from up there. Soon or later I think having a drone will be a norm for every households.

    • Hey Joon, you’re not alone in wondering how most shots are taken, lol. However, I think a lot of professional film makers still do use a helicopter for big movies.
      I think drones are great for checking down caves or hard-to-get-to remote areas, they can actually serve a proper service as well as being a hobby for a lot of people.

  • So is the price of Yuneec ~$1000?

    I have seen this probably tw o times very recently and it seems very fun. Photographing is not my hobby yet but I’m interested in and probably I will start investing my time to learn something about it. I believe that this Yuneec can be very valuable for photographers. The top speed 40mph is quite impressive!

    • Hi Roope, yes, the Q500 is currently $1000. I agree that this fantastic quad is a brilliant tool for photographers and filmmakers, whether you’re just a beginner or professional. Thanks for commenting!

  • Hi David,
    Although I have in my life ever actually seen a drone flying about nevertheless there seems to be a real fascination at least here in the U.S. with them.

    That was certainly a very in-depth review of the one particular drone which you specifically and with great detail studied in the article.

    I was unaware of all of the sophistication that goes into the design, hardware and computerized capabilities of a drone and getting it airborne. The ability to take pics are amazing.

    Too bad that my dad, who passed away over 20 years ago was not alive today. Knowing him as well as I did as his son, he would have loved the idea of remotely flying one, even only if in his backyard or around the neighborhood.

    The only thing that I could not find on this post within the body of the article was a listing of how much $$$ this specific drone would cost. I guess that if I have to ask I probably can’t afford one, right? I’m sure that it’s not like going out and buying for oneself a remote control toy airplane that, if you’re lucky gets up about 20 feet in the air.

    How much would one of these drones that you reviewed in your great article cost?


  • Wow this was incredibly mind blowing stuff to read about.

    Here’s me thinking the selfies i take on my iPhone are good, but this is just on another level. I loved the content, specifications and all the pictures you’ve included and although I wasn’t able to read it all, I was very intrigued.

    All in all, splendid website you’ve got here, well done!

  • I have been looking into getting a drone for some time to help me survey my 40 acres of land. What kind of range does something like this have? And does the camera rotate on the gimbal? this one seems like a really good deal as far as price and options. I have a looked at few other but they are in the 2k price range with the same basic options as this one.

    • Hey Danger, I agree that there are a lot of overpriced quad out there with the same or fewer features. The range for the Q500 varied for me, but the furthest I got was around 700ft and 60ft in height.
      Thanks for commenting and good luck!

  • Hi,
    I’m highly impressed by this drone and I like the different flight modes that could be really useful to beginners. The home function is also pretty cool.
    I have often thought about getting a drone to take photos or videos of our business but never been sure what to buy. With your in-depth reviews, I’m starting to get a better idea.
    Just one question, we have some neighbours who are particularly sensitive to noise and I have read elsewhere that the Q500 is quieter than some other drones, I wonder what you think?

    • Hi Peter, more and more people are definitely turning to drones for their businesses. I agree that the Q500 is a very quiet drone, think of it as a light humming sound. I don’t think it should disturb the neighbours, but maybe check a couple of videos on Youtube to get a better idea of how noisy it is in flight.
      Thanks for commenting!

  • First of all, I don’t mind with the cons of this cool looking flying object that has so many cool features that it is smart enought to come home when it starts to know that the battery is running out.
    I like how it is designed to be suited for people who doesn’t know anything about flying a drones and for people who are already much experienced.
    The Battery life for 25 minutes is already good. That’s plenty of time for fun. Add it with a few spare batteries and the joy ride continues.
    Great review man! I can understand why you’re obsessed with drones.

    • Hey Raymond, thanks for commenting. I seem to have a lot of fun with drones! I have to say that 25 minutes is really impressive compared to other drones. Of course, flying time is constantly being increased with newer models, but so is the price. So for now, I’d be happy with my 25 minutes, lol.

  • I got a drone for Christmas and haven’t taken it out of the box yet but after reading your site I am anxious to do so. It’s great how you do the pro’s and con’s and you pictures are great and go nicely with the content. Love the links to drones on Amazon. I’ll be back to your site after I operate my drone. I might want to upgrade.

    • Hey Ryan, how did you go with your new drone? I hope you’ve been having heaps of fun! Feel free to post pics and videos to show others what these drones are capable of!

  • I am looking to get a drone for beginners if there is something like that. This one looks like on the higher end of drone market. What would you recommend?

  • David, I just got done reading your article and the first thing I’ve got to say is this thing is awesome. I really don’t know a thing about drowns or copters of any sort, but I really like the different features it involves, and by your description it appears even the beginners can fly this thing. I do quite a bit of Metal Detecting and prospecting, and something like this could be very useful as well as fun! I do have a question though! I had a stroke and don’t have a lot of use with my left arm and hand as well as feeling to the touch. But I could probably still use my left hand to help hold the controller, but that would be the extent or it. I would still have to use my right hand to hold or steady the control as well as operate it. I this something that would be doable for me? Thank you

    • Hey Bob, while many drones out today require a transmitter, or controller to be able to fly them, there are a few that have apps for your phone and can be used with one hand. Check out the video here for instance,
      Also, Yuneec have launched a lightweight hand-handed controller called the Typhoon Wizard, as it looks like a wand, lol. Check out the Typhoon Wizard here.
      These I hope gives you some idea to look into, and good luck!

  • Excellent post. I check this page continuously and I’m always impressed! Very helpful information, particularly the final section 🙂 This Yuneec drone is marvelous, and I simply can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail next week! Great review.

  • Hiya very cool blog, mate. Excellent review. I’ll bookmark your site for more guides. But I love the Yuneec!

  • Hello David,

    very thoughtful and informative review of this drone. I really like the looks of it. In my opinion, the best feature is the camera. It’s really impressive that it can record videos in 4k resolution. Also, the Home function is really advanced and there’s no chance of losing the drone.

    Thank you for your effort!

  • I like how informative your review about this drone the yuneec q500 4k. I’m planning to buy drone soon so that I can use it for business also for fun and taking picture and videos on beautiful spots. Is this good for the money? How does this compwre to dji phantom 4 drone? I heard that dji phantom 4 is also a good drone.

    • Hi John, if we’re going to compare this to the Phantom 4, personally, I prefer the latter. But if the price is a factor, I’d recommend the Q500, as it’s still an unbelievable drone with great features. It will be a while before the price drops on the Phantom 4 since it only came out this year.
      Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to bookmark!


  • I love the fact that drones have gained so much popularity. I would love to try one out. I am seeing them a lot around the city in the sky and it gives me such a weird feeling, but I also find it exciting. I want to be the flyer. I would use mine to take out in the forest or on a hike and get some amazing shots. I also love that the real estate market has started using them for a birds eye view of the property they are selling. Some interesting things coming out of this neat hobby! Excellent review 🙂

    • Thanks Maria for your feedback! There are so many things you can do with drones these days, and they are just growing with popularity each year!

  • Hi David,
    I sent you a PM. Just wondering if I could quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to this site?
    My blog site is in the very same niche as yours and my users would certainly benefit from some of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this ok with you.
    Appreciate it!

  • Great site! I didn’t even come here for reviews, as I was after photography tips with drones. Even though I already own a couple drones myself, I would recommend maybe doing a follow up on these reviews over time to see if your thoughts have changed. Maybe add a section so other readers can share their experiences as well? Will share on facebook. Thanks.

  • Great review, David. My son would really love this for Christmas. He’s 17 and has had a couple of drones before. I just hope it arrives before Christmas, hehe.

  • Thanks a lot for the awesome review, I’m a completely newbie with this whole drones thing and trying to get my head around it! Just wondering if you could help me, I’ve got a bit of experience in wedding photography and kind of want to take it to the next level with a drone.
    I was considering a DJI but was put off by their reputation of bad customer care, and have turned to Yuneec however I’m not sure if they’re as beginner friendly as I’ve heard the DJI’s are.

  • Woah, thanks David! Great review! I have a quick question if you wouldn’t mind helping me as I am very new to this whole drone thing.

    I would very much like to get a drone for christmas and am currently doing my research. I would like something beginner friendly with a detachable camera that can be used as a stabiliser. I just read this article – which suggests the Q500 4k and both the Go Pro Karma.

    Out of the two, which would you recommend for a first time flyer? How did you find the Steady Grip that comes alongside the Q500, is it just like a normal steady cam?

    Thanks again for the review my good sir!

    Incredibly in-depth and helpful!

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